Monday, May 17, 2010

my arsenal

Sick. Yuck. I woke up for work on Saturday with a terrible sore throat. The soreness stayed on throughout the day and was still there when I got up on Sunday. With no other symptoms, this made me very nervous, strep throat means I would have to go to the doctor (which I don't mind, but is a hassle). Yesterday afternoon the nasal symptoms started up. I continued drinking my more excessive than usual amounts of water and hoped for the best. I think this hoping paid off b/c when I woke up this morning my sore throat was gone! Hallelujah! I used my neti-pot (which is amazing) and went for a short run followed by a super long walk. I felt so great when I returned home. I love how I feel when I accomplish an exercise goal. Anyway, just to be on the safe side, decided to purchase some natural-ish aides for my immune system. I don't have a problem taking cold medications, but I believe we get better faster if we let the symptoms do their job to get out the pathogen. All the stuff I got was things I have never tried before. Airborne, Zicam, Cold-Eeze lozenges, a vapor inhaler (I love the smell of vicks!) and then some Theraflu just to see what it does.

Immediately on the way home from Walgreens I popped a Zicam chew. It wasn't terrible, but let's just say it isn't candy. When I got home I effervescented an Airborne and it was pretty tastey. The lozenges are gross, but they were a "just in case" purchase if my sore throat comes back.

I am so thankful that I have such a good immune system and that these minor and uncomfortable symptoms are the worst of what I get. I never know what to think of people who are sick all the time with hard-core colds. I'm not sure what kind of mental-chat is going on in their heads, but it can't be good...

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