Sunday, May 9, 2010

dish delish

After Kirsten's very inspirational post about the joys of cooking yummy food, I decided to make some mac and cheese of my own last week! I did the same recipe, creamy macaroni & cheese with spinach but had to improvise. I added a can of artichokes, half a package of turkey bacon, a couple cloves of garlic and different cheeses.

They didn't have gruyere at walmart neighborhood market, so I subbed smoked gouda and smokey sharp chedder. I still used the same amount of parmesean. Thank goodness for my mom's food processer (that I use way more than she does) because shredding all that by hand would have been a workout!

Chopping some spinach that is fresh from our garden! We love spinach in this house so I used way more then the recipe called for, I used all we had in the fridge and freezer and pretty much all the leaves in the garden!

Sauteing onions is one of my favorite kitchen smells!

After adding all the milk and cream and cheese, I was fearful all the spinach would not fit! It took some very careful stiring to prevent kitchen disaster overflow (gas stoves are a bitch to clean)!

I made the full recipe, but divided it into two dishes and put one in the freezer for a quick and easy dinner in weeks to follow. Unfortunately I didnt think to shorten the cooking time since the casserole dish was only half size. The top got a little too toasty for my liking but it was still some of the most delish mac and cheese on the planet!

I love the idea of monthly macaroni and I will be trying out a new one in a couple weeks!


  1. i felt the exact same way when trying to stir in the spinach!!! i was very impressed with its ability to fit


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