Thursday, May 27, 2010

beauty and art

I have love art and everything about it. I love the creative process. I love seeing people's studios where they come up with all that creativity. I love the way I feel transported to another place simply by looking at someone else's creativity. I do wish that I was better at coming up with original creative ideas. I like to paint and collage but have difficulty creating my own little world. I am better at looking at someone else's little world and then changing it to make it my own. Perhaps this is something that gets better with practice?

A friend gave me Photoshop CS4 on my old dell. I love looking at digital art journaling but had trouble using it. It was too complicated, not intuitive at all. I got my new MacBook and felt I wanted another shot at digital art making. I splurged and got photoshop and some books and am happy with my purchase. Back in January, I joined the Art Journal Caravan. Each week they post a new art journal theme and also include digital scrapbooking/collaging supplies for those who are digital. I was sad that I could not use the amazing and inspiring papers and decorations but now I can! I am still learning how to do things and I need more practice but here is what I made today.

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