Monday, November 23, 2009

window buddies

Today at Lowes after I saw New Moon (!!!!) I got some new plants!

Meet Rocky, Gwen and Carol. Really I went just to get an orchid, but I saw Carol and she was so beautiful, like a sunrise! And then I found Rocky on the clearance shelf (I didnt even know they had a plant clearance section?!) and felt so sorry for him in his too-small pink ceramic pot that I got him too (for $2!). I also got a giant bag of miracle grow potting mix and it is completely gone because I replanted 2 other plants besides the new ones.

This is Carlos. He used to be in my window ( I the pot Carol is in now) but his vines just kept growing all over my bookshelf and all the crap I store there so I thought he needed a bigger pot with something to wrangle his vines. I stole the topiary wire thing from my bean plant outside which did quite sadly this summer compared to last summer.
When I grow up I am going to have a house where all the windowsills are like a foot wide so that I can cover them in plants! I love having plants in the windows. I think the extra oxygen really helps me to feel more calm and centered. Very zen.
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