Monday, September 28, 2009

the next year

A whole new year ahead! Or as one of the ladies from my class says "another trip around the sun". I really like that phrase. Makes it seem more continuous. As in a year is just a part of your whole life, not this deadline to plan around.

But anyway, I am thinking of some of the things I want to accomplish in the next year. I think they are all do-able and am excited that in a year I will be writing about how I finished everything!

(1) read 12 books I already own. The "already own" part is the most important. I read a lot, but usually books I buy and start right away (most often trashy romances!). I have soooo many books I have bought and not read. I just quickly counted 27 on the shelf visible from my bead and would be suprised if I had 3x that many on my other shelves. This is unread boooks. I probably have like 300 books total in my room w/ like 3/4 of them read. I dont know why I have so many. I buy them because they sound interesting but then loose the mood I guess?

(2) run a 5K. This has been on my "goals" list since literally high school. I have started a "run a 5K" plan a couple times but usually dont have the discipline to follow through. But this year will be different!

(3) eat at a restruant by myself. I never really thought about this before, but brad stone seemed shocked that I never had, so I will!

(4) go to a movie alone. I absolutely love movies and at any one time there are probably 4 or 5 I want to see out in theaters. But most everyone in Tulsa I am friends with is a grown up. By that I mean they are married with kids. It's so weird. So they are not much for spontaneity. I remember reading a magazine article a long long time ago about tyra banks and she loves going out and doing stuff by herself.

(5) matriculate into medical school. This is a big one. It is actually kind of scary to think how much my life could be different in just a year. I am trying to submit a lot of my secondary applications right now and they are so so much work. essay after essay. but I need to keep things in perspective and think about how exciting next summer will be while I move and prepare for schools!


  1. I have never eaten by myself either (I don't count the cafeteria or the union) or seen a movie solo! Does that make me weird??

  2. i LOVE going to the movies by myself. or walking around town by myself. i don't know why. it makes me feel so reflective and independent. you should def try it!


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