Monday, September 28, 2009

the next year

A whole new year ahead! Or as one of the ladies from my class says "another trip around the sun". I really like that phrase. Makes it seem more continuous. As in a year is just a part of your whole life, not this deadline to plan around.

But anyway, I am thinking of some of the things I want to accomplish in the next year. I think they are all do-able and am excited that in a year I will be writing about how I finished everything!

(1) read 12 books I already own. The "already own" part is the most important. I read a lot, but usually books I buy and start right away (most often trashy romances!). I have soooo many books I have bought and not read. I just quickly counted 27 on the shelf visible from my bead and would be suprised if I had 3x that many on my other shelves. This is unread boooks. I probably have like 300 books total in my room w/ like 3/4 of them read. I dont know why I have so many. I buy them because they sound interesting but then loose the mood I guess?

(2) run a 5K. This has been on my "goals" list since literally high school. I have started a "run a 5K" plan a couple times but usually dont have the discipline to follow through. But this year will be different!

(3) eat at a restruant by myself. I never really thought about this before, but brad stone seemed shocked that I never had, so I will!

(4) go to a movie alone. I absolutely love movies and at any one time there are probably 4 or 5 I want to see out in theaters. But most everyone in Tulsa I am friends with is a grown up. By that I mean they are married with kids. It's so weird. So they are not much for spontaneity. I remember reading a magazine article a long long time ago about tyra banks and she loves going out and doing stuff by herself.

(5) matriculate into medical school. This is a big one. It is actually kind of scary to think how much my life could be different in just a year. I am trying to submit a lot of my secondary applications right now and they are so so much work. essay after essay. but I need to keep things in perspective and think about how exciting next summer will be while I move and prepare for schools!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

magically whimsical

beautiful pictures to spark the imagination

newborn monkey

I think there is something wrong with me or something missing from my brain.

Ok, well, I dont really feel this way, but I feel like "society" or whatever wants me to feel this way. So many people I know are married/engaged/having babies. I honestly think it is kind of rediculous. A girl I went to high school with just had a baby a couple months ago. She was a year or two ahead of me so its not like she was a young mom, but still seems kind of young to me. Anyway, I feel like a terrible person, but I was looking at pics on facebook and thought the baby looked like a little alien. I like kids, once they're old enough to have a conversation, but when it comes to babies I just dont get it. Dont get me wrong, I love looking at cute little baby clothes and want to have kids of my own someday, but I dont feel this "biological clock" ticking away while my eggs die. I feel like there is nothing wrong with being single and unmarried with no kids. I am able to focus on myself and becoming the best person I can be at this moment in time. I can spend time being creative and crafting and going on adventures. I truely believe that spending the time now to become a better person will make a better girlfriend/wife/mother some day. Someday but not today.

Whenever I am around babies, I feel so awkward. I feel like the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, when they're at their neighbors party and she has to hold the baby while the lady runs to change and Angelina looks soooo awkward. I really feel like that. Maybe because I am an only child with older cousins and was never around babies? I don't know. They're cute, but sometimes I just dont get it. When I was in Arizona in Aug, I got to meet my cousin's new baby. My aunt and other cousin and Nanny were making such a fuss. I truely do not understand. I held Palmer (the baby) for a little while, but he couldnt do anything. His parents are older parents (they're early 30's) and had a very cool life before baby so luckily baby did not become their whole life.

Maybe I would feel different if I were in a relationship, but I dont think so. Even in a previous one where I knew I was going to marry the guy, I didnt want to get married for a while and wanted to be married for years before having kids. I just don't understand.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wonderfully eclectic

As I look at all these pictures of bedrooms I like (or at least like parts of), the only conclusion I can draw is that I have very eclectic taste? Oh, and that I despise white walls!

Monday, September 7, 2009

the bandana gang

There is a new dog park in Tulsa. It's called Biscut Acres and it's practically my home-away-from-home. I go there at least 5 times a week if not daily. It's always soooo packed! I need to take a picture at it's peak because its rediculous. Who would have thought that 50 dogs and their owners could all be in an are the size of a football field and there are absolutely no dog-brawls!??!(not that I expected my dogs to do anything but play but you know what I mean)

On the way! They are so excited! They dont look it because I made a weird noise to get them to look at the camera and they are still puzzled. I put bandanas on them not only because they are cool, but out of practicality. From about 50 feet away, all small gray dogs and all black med-large dogs look exactly the same, so this way I know who I should be paying attention to!

Sam likes to lay behind the drivers seat on the way home. He is just too exhausted to stand. But he will hold his head up for AC.

They had so much fun, they didnt even mind waiting while I got gas on the way home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

relief and panic

So I submitted my primary applications today and am so glad to get that off my chest, but then that means now I have to work on secondaries. 18 to be exact. 3 for allopathic schools and 15 for osteopathic schools. A couple of the schools screen before sending secondaries, but most dont so the I guess it'll be more like 14 secondaries? I dont know, but thats a lot of essays to write!
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