Friday, August 14, 2009

sewn with love

Before my AZ trip, I did a rediculous amount of sewing.

This pincushion is my favorite! I saw another one on etsy that didnt have the crossbones and said voodoo child at the top. Maybe I'll make that one next?

Laptop sleeve. I'm very proud of this since I didnt use a pattern! It involved a lot of fraction math which I am not a fan of.

I love fabric on the bottom. It's asian-ish and punky and I bought a half a yard because I loved it so much!

Perfect carry-on tote. I followed a pattern for this one, but I want to make another one a little differently. More squared ends and bigger around and not as long. Thicker straps too, though that was the thickest tote-bag straps the fabric store had, might have to order some off the internet.

I love the lining fabric!!

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