Monday, August 3, 2009

just keep sewing, just keep sewing

I have been on a sewing kick this past week and cannot wait to post pictures of my finished products! I have made a cute little clutch purse and used this pattern I found on etsy, but with dif fabric.

Also on etsy I found this great travel duffel which actually inspired my whole sewing week! I love love love this duffel (not so much the fabric but the style/shape, though the fabric is pretty cute), but it is $150 for this lady to custom make one so I decided to make my own! I found a very similar pattern and my goal is to have it finished by the time I leave for arizona on thursday. Sewing bags with liners/zippers is hard for me so we'll see how it goes, haha, but as long as the outside looks good, thats all that matters.

I also decided that I want to make a laptop sleeve. I found a great site that walks you through it, but I cannot find it now to post pictures! Its going to be kind of a patchwork design on the front, but with fun, bright colors of course!

I am in love with this pincushion from etsy! I am obsessed with all things Pirates, so this is perfect. I think I will try to make my own version tomorrow!

I must give a shout-0ut to I spend sooo much time there! Not really to buy stuff but more for painting/sewing/crafting ideas!

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  1. i started working on my towel wrap last night! also that bag is amazing! i have found some purse patterns that i really want to get, im just really nervous to try since i have never used a pattern! i feel like you need to make a visit down here or i need to make a visit up there for you to help me sometime!


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