Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's a dry heat

I'm back from Arizona and it was great! It was so fun to spend time with my family there; I dont get to see them very often! I stayed a couple days with my Aunt Diana at her condo in Paradise Valley and she has it fixed up so cute, I love it! I wish I had pics to post! The walls are dark khaki/light brown with white couches and rustic furniture and lots of candle holders everywhere. I also got to meet my Aunt's puppy. His name is Jack after Captian Jack Sparrow. We are a family that loves disney, especially disney pirates!!

Friday night was family dinner. We had a fiesta with chicken enchiladas and yummy margaritas!! We also all got to meet Peter, my grandma's fiance. I love him so much! He is so nice and fun! He's very spry for an 80 year old! I also got to meet my cousin Jason and his wife Kelly's (who is Kelly Wisley by marriage, so weird!) new baby, Palmer. He was born in March just like his dad and his dad's sister Jenn and Jenn's girl Ava. He was the sweetest boy, but honestly I really dont know what to do with babies. They are cute and fun to hold and play with, but after a little while, I'm just like 'what do I do with them now'. Maybe just because I never really had much experience with babies? Who knows.
I love Palmer's red hair! He looks just like his dad when he was a baby!
Nanny and her grandkids! (minus my cousin Jenn) Nan looks pretty good for someone who will be 80 next July!!! I am crouching in this pic, everyone on my Dad's side of the fam (except for my dad) is super short and I am like half a foot taller than all of them.
After family dinner me and my aunt went to stay the weekend with my cousin Heather at her new house in Gilbert, which is still kind of in phoenix, but like an hour away from where we were. Her house is so gorgeous and she has the most amazing couch in the world. She and her hub (of 11 years!) just moved in a few months ago so they dont have much furniture, but with a couch like that, who needs it?! Its a huge chenille sectional and it is really deep and has a giant 4'x4' ottoman. I almost fell asleep on it while watching Duplex because it was so comfy! She grilled the most amazing wings saturday night and I am anxious to try them this weekend!
On sunday, we went back to my aunt's house and I spent most of monday helping my grandma do stuff around her condo (she lives in the same complex as my aunt) because she broke her ankle 2 weeks ago! Her and Peter are planning a trip to London in September so this break has come at a really crappy time for her. I just hope they can pospone the trip and she is able to reabilitate quickly once she gets her cast off.
My flight to and from arizona was great. I absolutely love traveling and airports. Just driving by an airport makes me excited! I wish I got to travel more often. One of my favorite parts is just sitting in the terminal and watching people walk by. DFW is one of the best airports for this because of its layout.

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