Thursday, August 13, 2009

hello, lover

Ok, I am a sucker for beauty products. I'll admit it. I would also like to admit that I have found a new love!! It's a facewash and face lotion by Philosophy. I got them at sephora while in phoenix simply because the travel sized facewash I bought turned out to be a face scrub and wasnt doing so hot removing my mascara each night. I'd heard amazing things about these products for a while, but they're expensive so never tried them. I just bought the tiniest bottle/jar they had and am already wishing I had bought a bigger size. Now I must be up front and admit that they do not smell so great. The facewash, purity made simple, kind of smells like lemon cleaner and the face lotion, hope in a jar, smells weird too, but I could care less. I have only been using them since saturday and my face is already so much smoother! It is like magic!

Also while at Sephora, I got some urban decay eye shadow and love it too! I use eyeshadow to line my upper/outer lids and this eyeshadow lasts forever! Usually I use brown, but I think this sparkly navy called goddess makes my brown eyes look much better. Now I want to go get purple and maybe green too.

My impluse purchase at the checkout counter was Lip Venom. Its like magic too. I love the tingly, cinnamon and that the tube is super tiny.

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