Tuesday, August 25, 2009

disney crazyness, I mean pins

So after Callie's pin post, I though I'd show my own collection of amazing pins and talk about how much I love them. I have never traded pins before. The pins I have I bought because I liked them, so why would I trade something I love?

For spring break my Junior year (I think) I went to disneyland with my parents and aunt and cousin and got my spring break pin. The doors next to it open up to show Tink (I'm not a huge fan of that pin, but my parents go it for me so that makes me like it more). My fam is obsessed with disney pirates, so of course I had to get pins.

Minni-Leia!! And my magical pumpkin carriage I would love to have at my disney wedding some day when I marry a billionaire.

I think this one is at the top of my favorites list because I got it from taking a Segway tour around world showcase at epcot! If you ever get the chance to take that tour, go for it! It is so fun and you get to ride around world showcase before its open to the public for the day so it is super peaceful over there!

The only thing I've ever won at disney. This is from my spring break trip I mentioned earlier. It was during disneyland's year of a million dreams or something like that. Anyway, we were at the monarail station in downtown disney and a worker came up and told me I looked like a winner and gave me a little cardboard thing with 2 copies of this pin! One was for keeping and one for trading, but I just gave the second copy to my aunt.

I think I like the pins so much because they are great cheep souvineers. $6 for an awsome souvineer that is easy to pack? Yes please!


  1. hahaha I love that you and Callie have matching posts :)

  2. i want to go on the segway tour! i love segways! plus, i get a discount!


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