Saturday, August 29, 2009

so why do you want to be a doctor?

I think maybe I am almost done with my personal statement? Even after I can come up with some super awsome edits and a conclusion that isnt quite so blunt, I have to wait for reviews from physicians and faculty. Well I guess I dont really have to, but since I will be spending like thousands of dollars on med school applications, I need to make sure everything is rockin'. Here is what I have so far:

As I stand in the tunnel packed shoulder-to-shoulder with uniformed band members, the drumline's cadence mixes with the energy of the stadium and pulses through my veins. I am stoned, intoxicated, whatever slang you want to use, not with substance but with life. As the fourth repeat of the cadence begins, the band explodes out of the 2 northern tunnels and in synchronized chaos we charge toward our spots. As I run, my vision seems to be in a surreal slow motion. There is no high quite like the one that occurs when beginning OU's Pregame show and although it's been two years since I have gotten to perform as a band member, I can feel the energy as if I was in the stadium right this minute. I felt a similar feeling watching an aortic valve replacement and know that saving a life as a physician is something that can compete with the high of Owen Field.

My journey to a career in medicine began with my parents; my mother is a radiologic technologist and my father is a registered nurse. My mother helped to develop my interest in health care having worked in medical clinics for my entire life. Her hard work has allowed her to take her associates degree and become Director of Operations at an orthopedic practice with 17 physicians. I have seen first hand the long hours put in by private practice physicians and the hard work put in by the rest of the staff to allow for a smooth doctors visit for the patient. My dad helped to develop my interest in science and the human body and went to nursing school when I was in elementary school. One of my favorite things was to look through his human anatomy book, though this was a special treat because textbooks are so expensive! He also bought me a child's microscope and even looking at fleas and dog hair was fun for me.

My major in Biomedical Sciences was an easy choice. It allowed me time to complete all of my premed prerequisites while still allowing me time to participate in my favorite extracurricular, band. Although my time management skills were not conducive to academic success while performing with The Pride, my experiences with the organization have made me who I am today and I would not trade a single one to increase my GPA.

Although my pre-med journey has been longer than that of a traditional student, these extra years have allowed me to deeply analyze and then strengthen my desire for a career in medicine. My job as a certified nurse aide has given me an “inside-view” of hospital life as well as further given me the ability to emphasize with the patients. Although it is not the most glamorous job, every shift I am able to touch lives while making the nurses’ lives easier and offering a helping hand and friendly face to the patients. My inability to offer true medical care to these patients makes me crave a medical degree. I have begun to develop my patient to care-provider communication skills while learning about the importance of gaining the trust of the patient. Nothing is more humbling than being with a patient and knowing that they trust you with their body physically, mentally and emotionally.

While gaining a deeper understanding of the clinical aspects of medicine, I also wanted to deepen my understanding of the science behind medicine and enrolled in a biotechnology certification program at Tulsa Community College. I excelled in the introductory lab technique classes and because of this was able to participate in an INBRE summer research program. My time in the Pediatric Rheumatology lab really opened my eyes to research and the behind the scenes aspect of medicine. Mondays were spent in the clinic seeing patients and my love of the patient interaction helped me to cement my decision for a career as a clinical physician where I can use my scientific knowledge in a compassionate context.

I know that all of my experience have contributed to my well rounded personality and I am confident in my decision for my future career. Just as my memories from Pride are forever a part of my heart, my calling as a physician is forever part of my soul.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So just for something new and different I ordered the first disc of army wives season 1 on netflix and I really like the show!
I mean I have only watched the first episode so far but its really good! I even almost cried a couple of times. Although I dont really understand and am not really a supporter of the "war", I am a supporter of the soldiers themsleves. Any time I see groups of soldiers either leaving or coming home, it makes me all emotional. I was watching an episode of dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team the other day and the girls went to the USO at the DFW airport to see off soldiers and that even made me cry!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

disney crazyness, I mean pins

So after Callie's pin post, I though I'd show my own collection of amazing pins and talk about how much I love them. I have never traded pins before. The pins I have I bought because I liked them, so why would I trade something I love?

For spring break my Junior year (I think) I went to disneyland with my parents and aunt and cousin and got my spring break pin. The doors next to it open up to show Tink (I'm not a huge fan of that pin, but my parents go it for me so that makes me like it more). My fam is obsessed with disney pirates, so of course I had to get pins.

Minni-Leia!! And my magical pumpkin carriage I would love to have at my disney wedding some day when I marry a billionaire.

I think this one is at the top of my favorites list because I got it from taking a Segway tour around world showcase at epcot! If you ever get the chance to take that tour, go for it! It is so fun and you get to ride around world showcase before its open to the public for the day so it is super peaceful over there!

The only thing I've ever won at disney. This is from my spring break trip I mentioned earlier. It was during disneyland's year of a million dreams or something like that. Anyway, we were at the monarail station in downtown disney and a worker came up and told me I looked like a winner and gave me a little cardboard thing with 2 copies of this pin! One was for keeping and one for trading, but I just gave the second copy to my aunt.

I think I like the pins so much because they are great cheep souvineers. $6 for an awsome souvineer that is easy to pack? Yes please!

Monday, August 24, 2009

urban cowgirl milf.

As I impatiently await my weeds season 4 disc 3 to arrive from netflix tomorrow and procrastinate the last few paragraphs of the journal review I should be working on right now, I must give a shout-out to one of my new favorite style icons: Nancy Botwin!

I feel as though these images do not do her fashion justice. It's very difficult to find screenshots of her as any search you do about weeds usually just brings up the sexed-up gardening advertisements for the show (which I think are fun a different, but not about fashion).

Not only is she gorgeous, but she always looks pulled together, yet cas, even when freaking out about the "family business". Most of her ensembles are jeans, cowboy boots and floaty tops or cute dresses. She wears a lot of hammered gold jewelry like large hoops and she is almost always wearing a layered necklaces. I think I would get bored if I simply copied her outfits, but they're a good jumping off point for one-day mom-chic!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

pea-cock, haha

Are these paintings not gorgeous!?!
I found them on etsy, here's her shop:
I cannot wait to try to paint my own once I get my med school aps sent in

sewn with love

Before my AZ trip, I did a rediculous amount of sewing.

This pincushion is my favorite! I saw another one on etsy that didnt have the crossbones and said voodoo child at the top. Maybe I'll make that one next?

Laptop sleeve. I'm very proud of this since I didnt use a pattern! It involved a lot of fraction math which I am not a fan of.

I love fabric on the bottom. It's asian-ish and punky and I bought a half a yard because I loved it so much!

Perfect carry-on tote. I followed a pattern for this one, but I want to make another one a little differently. More squared ends and bigger around and not as long. Thicker straps too, though that was the thickest tote-bag straps the fabric store had, might have to order some off the internet.

I love the lining fabric!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

jalapenos stuffed and wrapped in heaven

Tonight, I made jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.
They were amazing!! I am ready for the garden to spit out some more jalapenos so I can make more!!

art inspiration

I just have to say how much I love Lauren Alexander's artwork. Everything she paints is so fun and whimsical. I want to purchase some of it from etsy, but I love practically every piece of hers and am unable to make decisions as to which to buy! I am very impressed at her creative ability to come up with her painting ideas! I think that is my biggest weakness; I love painting but cannot come up with ideas of my own, practically everything I've painted is copied from someone elses artwork. I would absolutely love to decorate a kid/baby's room inspired from her art!

hello, lover

Ok, I am a sucker for beauty products. I'll admit it. I would also like to admit that I have found a new love!! It's a facewash and face lotion by Philosophy. I got them at sephora while in phoenix simply because the travel sized facewash I bought turned out to be a face scrub and wasnt doing so hot removing my mascara each night. I'd heard amazing things about these products for a while, but they're expensive so never tried them. I just bought the tiniest bottle/jar they had and am already wishing I had bought a bigger size. Now I must be up front and admit that they do not smell so great. The facewash, purity made simple, kind of smells like lemon cleaner and the face lotion, hope in a jar, smells weird too, but I could care less. I have only been using them since saturday and my face is already so much smoother! It is like magic!

Also while at Sephora, I got some urban decay eye shadow and love it too! I use eyeshadow to line my upper/outer lids and this eyeshadow lasts forever! Usually I use brown, but I think this sparkly navy called goddess makes my brown eyes look much better. Now I want to go get purple and maybe green too.

My impluse purchase at the checkout counter was Lip Venom. Its like magic too. I love the tingly, cinnamon and that the tube is super tiny.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's a dry heat

I'm back from Arizona and it was great! It was so fun to spend time with my family there; I dont get to see them very often! I stayed a couple days with my Aunt Diana at her condo in Paradise Valley and she has it fixed up so cute, I love it! I wish I had pics to post! The walls are dark khaki/light brown with white couches and rustic furniture and lots of candle holders everywhere. I also got to meet my Aunt's puppy. His name is Jack after Captian Jack Sparrow. We are a family that loves disney, especially disney pirates!!

Friday night was family dinner. We had a fiesta with chicken enchiladas and yummy margaritas!! We also all got to meet Peter, my grandma's fiance. I love him so much! He is so nice and fun! He's very spry for an 80 year old! I also got to meet my cousin Jason and his wife Kelly's (who is Kelly Wisley by marriage, so weird!) new baby, Palmer. He was born in March just like his dad and his dad's sister Jenn and Jenn's girl Ava. He was the sweetest boy, but honestly I really dont know what to do with babies. They are cute and fun to hold and play with, but after a little while, I'm just like 'what do I do with them now'. Maybe just because I never really had much experience with babies? Who knows.
I love Palmer's red hair! He looks just like his dad when he was a baby!
Nanny and her grandkids! (minus my cousin Jenn) Nan looks pretty good for someone who will be 80 next July!!! I am crouching in this pic, everyone on my Dad's side of the fam (except for my dad) is super short and I am like half a foot taller than all of them.
After family dinner me and my aunt went to stay the weekend with my cousin Heather at her new house in Gilbert, which is still kind of in phoenix, but like an hour away from where we were. Her house is so gorgeous and she has the most amazing couch in the world. She and her hub (of 11 years!) just moved in a few months ago so they dont have much furniture, but with a couch like that, who needs it?! Its a huge chenille sectional and it is really deep and has a giant 4'x4' ottoman. I almost fell asleep on it while watching Duplex because it was so comfy! She grilled the most amazing wings saturday night and I am anxious to try them this weekend!
On sunday, we went back to my aunt's house and I spent most of monday helping my grandma do stuff around her condo (she lives in the same complex as my aunt) because she broke her ankle 2 weeks ago! Her and Peter are planning a trip to London in September so this break has come at a really crappy time for her. I just hope they can pospone the trip and she is able to reabilitate quickly once she gets her cast off.
My flight to and from arizona was great. I absolutely love traveling and airports. Just driving by an airport makes me excited! I wish I got to travel more often. One of my favorite parts is just sitting in the terminal and watching people walk by. DFW is one of the best airports for this because of its layout.

Friday, August 7, 2009

she's my person!

Yesterday, my aunt and I rented Bolt, and it was amazing! I think one of the best disney movies every! The first part was so sad I almost didnt want to keep watching, but I stuck it out. People and their pets getting seperated really gets to me! There were multiple parts towards the end that made me cry and I was even more sad that I wasnt at home to lay of the floor with my own dogs!! I love seeing the fam here in AZ, but I really miss my dogs! Maybe too much? haha...

Monday, August 3, 2009

limes, cilantro, red onion

I absolutely love homemade salsa! I've made like 3 batches in the past week; it never even makes it to the fridge! My mom especially loves the salsa b/c she makes a cocktail with the salsa juice and grey goose, haha.

fido, heel

is this not the cutest/coolest idea ever?

just keep sewing, just keep sewing

I have been on a sewing kick this past week and cannot wait to post pictures of my finished products! I have made a cute little clutch purse and used this pattern I found on etsy, but with dif fabric.

Also on etsy I found this great travel duffel which actually inspired my whole sewing week! I love love love this duffel (not so much the fabric but the style/shape, though the fabric is pretty cute), but it is $150 for this lady to custom make one so I decided to make my own! I found a very similar pattern and my goal is to have it finished by the time I leave for arizona on thursday. Sewing bags with liners/zippers is hard for me so we'll see how it goes, haha, but as long as the outside looks good, thats all that matters.

I also decided that I want to make a laptop sleeve. I found a great site that walks you through it, but I cannot find it now to post pictures! Its going to be kind of a patchwork design on the front, but with fun, bright colors of course!

I am in love with this pincushion from etsy! I am obsessed with all things Pirates, so this is perfect. I think I will try to make my own version tomorrow!

I must give a shout-0ut to I spend sooo much time there! Not really to buy stuff but more for painting/sewing/crafting ideas!
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