Friday, July 10, 2009

patent snooze...I mean law

So today we had a lunch (pizza!!) pannel discussion with reps from all the different colleges here at OUHSC. They each gave a quick schpeel and the we could ask quesions. The first guy to talk was a PhD, JD. He just graduated law school and will be going into patent law (assuming he passes the bar exam). As he was talking about his science PhD how he got into being a patent agent and then attorney I kept thinking how new and different and interesting that sounded!
So then a couple hours later while "studying" for the mcat in the library I started investigating how becoming a patent attorney. The national exam website has all they're old exams online. I got through about half of one question and my eyes glazed over. I guess I wont be making a (potential) career switch anytime soon....

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