Thursday, July 30, 2009

just call me gladys

I have spent this past weekend canning food in a pressure cooker. How cool/weird is that? I love trying new things!! My parents garden just spit off a TON of tomatoes and since our freezer is already full of stuff my mom and I decided to buy a pressure cooker and can our own tomatoes! I was quite an experiencce! It was so easy, but I my mom and I were nervous b/c you put sealed jars into boiling water and high pressure. I mean, how does that not explode? The jars all sealed well, but became very ugly when all the tomatoes floated to the top and all the liquid is on the bottom of the jar. It looks like alien guts in jars.

After realizing how easy the canning process is, decided we needed to do something with the rediculous amount of cucumbers our garden is growing. I cut off like 9 baby cucumbers from our vines and made bread and butter pickles and they are delicious!! I let the sliced cuces soak in salt and ice overnight so they turned out so crispy! I only made 4 jars and 1 is pretty much gone already, I think I will make some more this weekend.

A couple weekends ago was the porter peach festival and the weekend before that, my parents went and got lots and lots of peaches! I love porter peaches so much! I decided I wanted to make and can peach butter!! I read a bunch of recipes online and they all said it burns easily and is best made in the crock-pot. Well after crock-potting for like 8 hours I got tired of waiting for it to thicken and put in on the stove and boiled the shit out of it and it thickened beautifully and turned out amazing! I made 5 jars! My mom and dad were just eating it with a spoon. To further enjoy the peach butter I made biscuts and gravy. I hate making biscuts because I hate cutting in the butter b/c I am lazy and I hate kneeding the dough b/c I hate how the dough sticks everywhere, but the biscuts are not quite as fluffy if you coat everything with flour so they dont stink. Its a balancing act I just dont like.
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~Hanna Rion

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