Wednesday, July 22, 2009

city energy

I cannot believe I only have less than 48 hours left here in oklahoma city! It's been quite a summer!

I am happy to announce that my poster is complete! There was lots of drama and stress associated with getting it printed (my computer decided not to save any of the changes I had made between noon and 4pm on tues, so tues night I had to go back and change it all and hope I could remember what I had done!) but everything worked out fine. All the pediatric IT guys were on vacation so I had to have it printed at Fedex Office (which used to be Kinkos and I forgot about the name change and this caused quite a bit of confusion during my email conversations with the peds secretary). The FedEx Office is in downtown OKC which made me so happy! I love downtowns so so so much! I love the vibe and energy and feeling you get from walking down a city street between giant buildings and crazy sculptures. I also love the people too, so much more character than those from the 'burbs. I had forgotten how much I love cities. I was only in downtown for less than 20 minutes, but those few minutes in that area gave me such a mood booster that lasted for several hours!

I'm feeling a little manhattan withdrawl....

In manhattan I walk faster than I do anywhere in the world because I am more exhilarated there than anywhere else. - Gene Kelly


  1. manhattan is amazing :) you should visit it/me! :)

  2. i'm sad that we didn't hang out more :(


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