Monday, June 8, 2009

isn't it ironic

I love how things always work out for me! Right after my previous blogging bitch session, one of the lab assistants decided it was time to fill me in on what I'll actually be doing for the summer. I organized all of the samples I'll be using and looked over all the different ELISA test kits I'll be using. I was able to just come in today and get started right away, knowing exactly what was expected of me, it was wonderful!

I went to Tulsa for the weekend since I had two shifts to work at St. Johns. Both of which were actually pretty boring (not that I'm complaining). All my patients on saturday evening were totally self-care and those that werent just slept the entire shift. On Sunday I had to float down to 10E: surgical acute care (I usually work on 14W: oncology)which I was kind of dreading since I have never floated before, but I ended up just being a sitter (literally a babysitter) for an old man who was kind of confused. He kept talking about how he was going to leave but he had a court order to stay there. I really dont think he had anywhere to go anyway. I didnt really bring any reading material thought so I got to watch A LOT of television including the Scifi channel, wrestling, fishing and parts of movies (just enough so that I would get into it and then he would change it!).

I have decided that this is going to be my healthy summer! I am ready to eat healthier and get in shape again! My apartment is on the third floor and it should not be work to go up the stairs!! For lunch I had a veggie burger and some carrots and grapes and it was so so so yummy!


  1. sorry that bueno didnt really go along with the whole healthy thing. haha!


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