Tuesday, June 16, 2009

carlos the baby

I saw The Hangover this weekend. It was amazing. My new favorite movie. I seriously laughed the entire movie. I was a little buzzed to start out with, but I'm sure I would have been laughing regardless. My favorite part was definately the photos of the night at the end.
Welp, time to go home! I'm definately getting used to this leaving work early thing!


  1. i wish i was living in norman this summer so we could hang out all the time and go see movies!

    i haven't seen the hangover yet but i really really want to. i'm hoping it'll be showing on the plane on the way back home from kenya :(

  2. omg kelly i'm so glad you liked the hangover. i LOVED it!

  3. once again, i feel like im the ONLY person in the world who hasnt seen that movie! i guess except brad....haha


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