Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day of orientation, phew!! I have to just say how grateful I am that I was assigned to this particular lab, pediatric rheumatology. Its a shared lab between Dr. O'Neil and Dr. Jarvis. Dr. O'Neil is my mentor and she does work on pediatric lupus while Dr. Jarvis does work on pediatric arthritis. Dr. Jarvis has two post docs or maybe phd students, im not sure, a 2nd year med student and another summer reserch kid in the lab while Dr. O'Neil has two post bac research assitants, a 2nd year med student and me! Everyone in the lab is so much fun and soooo laid back, which is wonderful and amazing. We dont have to come in until 9 and assuming we get all our work done, we get to leave around 4. I hear the stories from other students who have been given huge stacks of papers to read and have to be in their lab from 8 or 9 until 6 and have to once again say how lucky I am for my assignment. I really think if I'd been in a stricter lab, it would kind of killed my spirit for research, haha.

I absolutely love the OUHSC campus. My lab is in the Basic Sciences Education Building (College of Medicine) and I have to say that working the the med school building is very motivational for me! I have so many questions about med school (specifically OU) and the application in general and am so grateful that Erin (the 2nd year) is here to answer them all. I've only spoked to Dr. O'Neil once (she's on attending this week at the hospital) but next week I will get to see her much more often. Dr. Jarvis has been a great foster mentor. He is so much fun. His appearance is they typical, old-white-guy-professor. He has a bow tie and glasses but walks around singing rap songs and speaking in hip-hop lingo. He also likes to do the fist bump as a greeting.

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